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Updated on Wednesday 12th December 2018

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If you are looking for details about the hair transplant cost in Turkey, you will find on this page a complete guide on the average prices for hair transplantation in this country, a comprehensive comparison on the FUE costs in Turkey  vs. other countries, a FUE hair transplant calculator which will help you find out the approximate hair transplantation cost for your particular case and many other details which will help you make an informed decision. For an exact price offer, please get in touch with our team of hair transplant specialists in Turkey who will analyze carefully your case and will provide you with a detailed personalized offer.

Every single hair transplant procedure is unique and has to be customized to the individual needs of each patient. The patient’s personal wishes are the main aspects taken into consideration for our consultation. The personal consultation is the time when the surgeon, together with the client, decide how many grafts will be needed in order to achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, the costs of hair transplant procedures in Turkey depend largely on the number of grafts used and the type of procedure chosen, be it FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).


The initial consult before a hair transplant

Potential patients coming into our modern clinic in Istanbul will be explained the costs of the hair transplant from the initial consult. The costs will depend on the procedure used and the needs of the patient. Our doctors can also help patients calculate their budget for the hair transplant procedure and the additional costs after the surgery.

No matter the type of hair restoration procedure, the costs of the hair transplant in Turkey are usually lower than in other countries in Europe.

If you are looking for hair transplant prices in Turkey, you can use our FUE hair transplant calculator below:

FUE Hair Transplant Cost Calculator
in Turkey

Choose Density:

Select stage of hair loss:



Cost of FUE in Turkey compared to other countries                                                        

Generally, the  costs of  hair transplant in Turkey   average from 1.14 $/ 0.9 £/ 0.8 €  per graft :                                            

•    USD 2,280 for 2,000 grafts or 1,793GBP/2,000 EUR;
•    USD 3,420 for 3,000 grafts or 2,690 GBP/3,000 EUR;
•    USD 5,700 for 5,000 grafts or 4,483 GBP/5,000 EUR.

However, the costs of a similar procedure in other countries can range from:   

  • in the U.K. 8,000 to 20,000 £, allowing you to save between 6,200 and 15,500 GBP.

FUE: 8,000£ for 2,000 grafts and 20,000£ for 5,000 grafts, FUT: 5,250£ for 2,000 grafts, 13,000£ for 5,000 grafts


  • in Ireland: 9,000 – 22,500 £, allowing you to save between 7,000 and 18,000 GBP.
4.5 £ per graft: 9,000£ for 2,000 grafts, 22,500£ for 5,000 grafts
  • in Germany 3,900 – 9,750 €, allowing you to save between 1,900 and 4,700 EUR..
at least 1,95€ per graft: 3,900 € for 2,000 grafts, 9,750€ for 5,000 grafts
  • in  France: 5,000 – 12,500 €, allowing you to save between 3,000 and 7,500 EUR.
2.5€ per graft: 5,000 € for 2,000 grafts and 12,500€ for 5,000 grafts
  • in Switzerland 7,200 – 18,000 €, allowing you to save between 5,200 and 13,000 EUR.
3,6 € per graft: 7,200€ for 2,000 grafts, 18,000€ for 5,000 grafts
  • in Spain: 4,400 – 11,000 €, allowing you to save between 2,400 and 6,000 EUR.
2.2 € per graft: 4,400 € for 2,000 grafts and 11,000€ for 5,000 grafts
  • in UAE: 4,780 - 11,950  €, allowing you to save between 2,780 and 6,900 EUR.
FUT: 2.39 € per graft: 4,780€ per 2,000 grafts, 11,950€ per 5,000 grafts, FUE: 3,58 € per graft: 7,160€ per 2,000 grafts, 17,900€ per 5,000 grafts
  • in the U.S. 6,000 -30.000 $, allowing you to save between 3,700 and 24,300 $.

New York: 3-5$ per graft for FUT and 6-8$ per graft for FUE results in at least  6,000 $ for 2,000 grafts and 15,000 $ for 5,000 grafts for a FUT procedure and 12,000$ for 2,000 grafts, 30,000$ for 5,000 grafts for a FUE procedure.

As previously stated, the prices of FUE hair transplant procedures are general, as they greatly depend on the complexity of the surgery, the number of grafts that are used and the hair transplant method utilized.

The FUE and the FUT methods have different prices, the higher price being that of the FUE technique because this one is more complex and the patient may need several days of treatment, depending on his needs.

The hair transplant cost in Turkey is far more affordable here than in other countries and whichever the final cost of a hair transplant might be, you can still save up to 80% with such a procedure being undertaken in our clinic in Istanbul.

How the hair transplant cost in Turkey is calculated

The table below details the seven most important factors used to determine the final cost of a hair restoration procedure in Turkey:
Item Details
Technique The FUE and the FUT method are priced differently because the first one is more complex.
Hair loss grade The higher the hair loss grade, the more coverage will be needed and thus the overall costs will grow.
Density to be achieved A fuller hair, as opposed to a simple camouflage of the bald spots, will imply a different number of grafts and will cost more.
Number of grafts From 1000 grafts to 2000 and even 3000 grafts, this is the primary factor that determines the costs of the surgery and can be estimated after an initial consultation.
The doctor performing the procedure The team is an experienced one, however, we work with different doctors and those with a higher level of experience will charge more for a standard procedure.
The extra medical costs This does not include the standard medication but rather the special solutions that are used to preserve the collected hair follicles.
The location Our hospitals are modern and fully equipped, however, the costs associated with the location will vary from one hospital to another and will depend on the size of the operating room.

Other costs associated with a hair transplant in Turkey

Apart from the actual costs of the hair restoration procedure, a patient will also need to consider additional costs which usually the post-operatory procedures. Even if these are not imposed, they are often recommendations of our surgeons. Also, these depend on the patient’s state after the operation, the procedure used and even the number of grafts and the area where the transplant was made.

Among these, the medication used during the recovery period is essential, this is why our surgeons will most likely recommend the patient specific ointments and creams for the transplanted grafts. It is also common for doctors to recommend antibiotics in order to prevent infections. It is important to know that patients can develop infections, which is why taking all the medicines prescribed by the doctor is essential, otherwise, the effect of the hair transplant could not be the one expected.

In certain cases, the patient is also prescribed various types of painkillers. These can also be bought without any prescription; however, it is best to consult a doctor before taking any. 

Services included in a hair transplant procedure in Turkey

Our experts offer full-service hair transplant options. Here is a look at what we offer to all of our clients:
  • The actual procedure: the offer includes the expenses associated with the chosen hair restoration procedure, either FUE or FUT.
  • The medical team: the package includes the team of nurses, anesthesiologists and other staff that will help during the procedure.
  • The equipment: the hair restoration equipment and supplies are new, modern and can include those for collecting the hair from the donor area and those for graft preparation and placement.
  • Hospitalization: hair transplant procedures usually take place in an outpatient manner, however, your hospitalization is fully ensured during the needed period of time.
  • Post-surgery medication: the medications, such as painkillers or antibiotic if needed are included after the procedure.
  • Post-surgery treatmentspecial shampoos and lotions, a special pillowcase and a protective hat are included.
  • Airport-hotel-clinic transfers: we will handle all of the needed transfer to/from the airport and the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic for our patients.
  • Accommodation: two night’s accommodation at a hotel located very close to the clinic where the procedure will take place.
  • Medical report: a detailed description of the procedure, for future reference should the patient need to have a record to present to his treating physician back home.
  • Translator: although our doctors in Turkey are fluent in English, this is an optional service, should our patients require a translator for their native language.

What’s more, our hair restoration experts in Turkey offer you an included, complimentary platelet-rich plasma hair restoration treatment that will promote hair restoration and growth. The procedure is a simple one that will involve a standard blood draw, followed by a simple injection into the scalp, with minimal discomfort. 

Why are the prices for hair transplant so low in Turkey?

Turkey is the leading country worldwide in terms of hair transplant surgeries. With approximately 5000 patients/month coming to Turkey in order to get hair transplants, it is no wonder that this industry is worth about $1 billion to the country’s economy. Foreigners are coming to Turkey for the affordable hair transplant costs but also for its experienced surgeons and modern procedures and equipment. So why are the hair transplant prices so affordable in Turkey?

The hair transplant procedure prices in Western European countries and the U.S. are influenced by administrative prices, insurance contracts and mostly labor costs. According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, more than 70% of the medical costs are driven up by labor. Here is the main reason why the expenses for a hair transplant in Turkey are much lower than in other more developed countries. 

At our clinic in Turkey, we provide complete treatment plans with lifelong natural results for patients who have been suffering from the effects of hair loss for too long.  The safety of the procedure is ensured by the use of modern equipment that allows for the sampling of follicles with a high-density ratio. Success is our primary concern, our surgeons having a proven track record of successful hair transplants. The quality of the services does not mean that our prices are high. On the contrary, we offer high-quality services to patients around the world, at more affordable prices compared to many countries in the EU, the United States or the Middle East.


Why choose Turkey for a hair transplant operation?

Turkey is one of the most spectacular countries in Europe from a touristic point of view, therefore a hair transplant procedure can be a great opportunity of exploring some of the most appreciated historic sites of this country, especially when considering that a hair transplant is usually a mild and minimally invasive procedure.

Turkey is known for the medical tourism industry, therefore foreign patients can purchase such packages which can include the stay at a hotel and the hair transplant operation followed by a well-deserved vacation, all at the costs which could only imply the hair transplant procedure or even less in other countries.

We invite you to come to our clinic in Turkey and select the best hair transplant procedure for your needs.

To receive a price offer for a hair transplant in our clinic, please send us request. 



April 24, 2018

Well structured and informative article, especially the part about the prices in other countries.


April 24, 2018

Turkish hair transplant clinics really do offer great services. For some, it is possible to have a consultation without traveling there. It's work checking it out.

Sayed Dabestani

May 13, 2018

Hi. Want to know about price and hair transplantation in Turky in May or June.

Hello Sayed Dabestani! Please send us request and we will reply as fast as possible. Have a great day!


August 22, 2018

You have great services! I believe that thick, healthy hair is of high importance for any person and if traditional remedies fail to provide a real progress, hair transplant can be a very, very effective manner to solve any issues.


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Appreciate the detailed information on the cost of each procedure. Great job!


August 30, 2018

Great article! The information about the detailed services and about the procedure in general was very useful. Turkey does seem like a reasonable and attractive choice.